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Crystal suncatcher pendants and chandelier crystals suitable for various crafts. We specialize in suncatcher craft items and supplies.
Everyone loves the dancing rainbows that these dazzling suncatchers can bring to your home.
Just Like Leadlight aims to provide you a good variety of products at affordable prices. Our A-Grade range of crystals are a great alternative to the top brands.

There are 3 quality grades in our crystals-

Quality Guide-
GRADE A- best quality lead free crystal. machine cut. Sharp edges and best sparkle
GRADE 1- Mid quality lead free budget crystals- machine or hand cut
GRADE 2- budget grade hand cut k9 lead free crystal glass

please note- grade 2 and grade 1 are manufactured to meet lower prices, these may have some manufacturing flawes such as air bubbles or rough edges / minor marks etc. Please remember they are priced accordingly, we will remove any crystals that don't meet our standards but will not guarantee perfection on this range.


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