Colour Film Craft Wings

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Enjoy our range of handmade butterflies, dragonflies, birds, horses / unicorns, angel and fairy wings and many more, all designed with fantastic crystal suncatchers in mind. But these are also popular stick ons for wedding and party decorations, wall and door decoration and so on. Add a little dot of blue tack to these gorgeous critters and stick them on any indoor surface for an instant colour lift.

Our craft film designs are made from printed plastic film, you can choose "uncut" packs- which means you cut them out yourself with scissors. Or "cut" packs- which means we will precut them for you.

(nb- indoor use only, do not get wet)

copyright note- I design and create these sheets for the intended use by customers to make suncatchers for market stalls and for personal use. Any copying or reproduction of these sheets/designs is prohibited.